United States Department of Veterans Affairs

VA Records Center and Vault : Military Records

The VA Records Center and Vault frequently receives calls and e-mails from Veterans seeking military and/or medical records. Unfortunately, we are unable to assist because the records requested are usually not at our Center. While some VA Medical Center records are stored at our facility, those records are archived by VA medical facility, not by Veteran’s name, and cannot be released to individuals. If you received treatment at a VA Medical Center, you will need to contact the Release of Information Officer or the Medical Records Transfer Clerk at the facility where you received treatment. If your records have been sent to us for archiving, only that facility has authority to request the return of the records for dissemination. You can find locations and phone numbers for all VA hospitals at this VA website.

For military personnel records and/or military health and medical records, please contact the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) at their website.